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With Ackerland Travels you get all your travel requirements under one roof and we take care of your travel throughout your journey with your dedicated support staff from the point of booking tickets, visa, hotel stay till your return.

Dedicated Support

Full time support access to your agent for your any travel assistance or queries

Visa Assistance

Get all your visa processing done by us easily and save your time and hassle

Flight Tickets

Get the best prices for your flights and additional perks while you book a flight with us

Private Chartered Flight

Experience private plane charter options easily with us for your luxury travel

Airport Transfers

Convenient drop and pick-up in private car or limo from/to Airport for yourself or for larger groups

Corporate Group Package

Book corporate packages for the entire teams easily so you can focus on your business meetings

Hotel Bookings

Providing you industry leading prices for your domestic as well as international stay

Holiday Packages

Customize from our curated packages for an extra ordinary travel experience

Travel Insurance

We will help you take care of unforeseen situations of your baggage, flight delay and others

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